About the School


Registration is now open and will end on Sunday, September 13. at 11:59PM (CT).


This is an eight (8) week course.

Class is held every Thursday night from 7PM - 9PM (CT) beginning on Thursday, September 24 , 2020. The class is allowing one hundred (100) students total for the 2020 fall semester with fifty (50) students in-person and fifty (50) students online. Students MUST attend six (6) out of the eight (8) classes in order to receive full credit for the course. For students who participate online, details will be sent via email with class information and instruction. Online students must participate every Thursday night at 7PM (CT) to view the course LIVE via ZOOM.

All classes will be held in the Samuel Segundo Jr. Lecture Hall on the campus of Family Faith Center.


This is an eight (8) week course that will have a registration fee of $99. This fee will cover all 8 classes and all the materials needed for the class.


If you need more information about the 2020 Fall Semester, please contact by calling our office (432)-267-6001 or by emailing familyfaithoffice@gmail.com.