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Statement of Purpose

Relate Ministerial Network was established in August of 2015 as an organization for churches and ministries to come together as an alliance to fulfill their highest calling to change the world through Christ. To build & establish relationships with one another; edifying, encouraging, and getting to know those who labor among us. Through this we can continue to effectively empower, promote & display the Kingdom of God in our personal lives & public ministries as we RELATE.

  • To help empower RMN members fulfill the ministry to which God has called them.

  • To provide an avenue for networking and fellowship among RMN Members.

  • To supply a channel which information, resources, and trainings can be received that will benefit RMN Members in their pursuit of excellence in ministry operations. 

  • To provide Biblical-based teaching and ministry resources that will equip church leaders and ministries to reach increasing numbers of unchurched people. 

How to join
  1. Complete the Relate Ministerial Network Membership application. 

  2. Application will be processed when all components have been received.

  3. Once application is approved, you will be notified that you are a member of the RMN. You will receive your membership packet.

Membership Requirements
  1.  RMN is open to pastors who oversee a ministry.

  2.  Must have a definite call to one of the five-fold offices.

  3.  Must be active in ministry on either a full-time or part-time basis. 


Relationship: we will build a relationship through fellowship that will bond us stronger in unity.

Empowering: we believe that through our relationship, we will all experience an empowerment in our personal lives and ministries.

Loyalty: our goal is to be loyal to one another in order to Honor God & our ministries.

Accountability: we will be accountable to one another in all things.

Transparency: as Pastors & Ministers, we will be transparent and open with one another, becoming real with one another.

Encouragement: we will encourage one another through calls, letters, visits, & prayers.

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