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Greetings Partners and Partners to be, 

I thank God upon every remembrance of you. I am in continual prayer for all of you, making request with joy, for your fellowship (cooperation, contribution, & partnership) in the Gospel. Partnership in ministry to me is more than just a connection, rather it is a relationship in Faith and Family. We know that increase is not by accident, but by ASSOCIATION.


I am very honored to be in covenant relationship as we associate together in the Kingdom of our Father. Please know that I pray for you daily, every morning in my devotional time, speaking and declaring the wisdom, favor, and blessings of God over you, your family, church, and every endeavor you set out to do.

In closing, I want to say thank you for your monthly financial investment into Sam Segundo Ministries. Together we are #BreakingBarriers and #TakingTerritory in ministry and business. Your love and generosity is assisting us to encourage, empower, and equip 300 churches nationwide to reach their full and maximum potential. I pray your seed turn into a 1,000 fold harvest according to Isaiah 60:22.

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If you have not partnered with us yet, I would ask you to prayerfully consider joining us in our mission to spread the Gospel around the world. To become a partner, click the "Become A Partner" button below, and follow the steps provided. 

Thank you and welcome to the family.

Sam Segundo Jr.

On August 12th, at a Sunday service, Pastor called me up for prayer, and a prophetic word.  He said we had been through some testing and training, and because we had remained focused and faithful, we were about to be established with next level finances and economic breakthroughs.  We had been battling getting approved for our new home for months.  So the Monday after he prayed over us, we decided to go check again, and praise God, not only were we approved, but we have purchased and moved into our new home within three weeks.  What was taking months and months, took days after we received by faith. 

- Faithful Partner In Texas

I was believing for another work truck to keep business going and growing.  I have been receiving Pastor Sam's teachings and anointing , and I am also a tither and partner with S & C Ministries.  Last week on Tuesday, during the faith conference in Chicago, on a Tuesday night, my wife and I were watching online via live stream.  After Jesse Duplantis preached, he said "sow a seed towards what you want."  We sowed a seed online that night, and immediately  on Wednesday morning our blessing of another work truck came in.  We received an $80,000 truck we were able to get for $16,000, debt-free.  

- Faithful Partner In Texas

I am one of three people who were healed on Sunday, during the second service.  Pastor Sam called out a stomach being healed.  Fear had taken hold of me, and I was even afraid to eat.  After I ate, my stomach would feel pressured and terrible, but I received by saying "that's me, I receive."  After church I went to eat, and sure enough I experienced no pain!  I experienced no pain from that meal, and continue to feel no pain when I eat.  God is good!

- Faithful Partner In Texas

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